• From down dog
• Step feet up 12 inches
• Both hands stay on mat shoulders distance apart
• Inhale, right leg to sky leading with a straight leg point through the ball of the right foot (as if you were in a high heel or cow boy boot)
• Coming high on balls of left foot
• Shoulders directly over wrist
• Looking at your fingertips and make an invisible line that runs across them to fix your gaze on (the whole time)
• Bend left knee and play with hoping up
• Engaging the core finding balance
• Once you are vertical continue rapping the upper outer arms back
• Belly to the spine
• Tailbone to the sky
• Firming the thighs
• Big toes touch heels slightly apart
• Point through the balls of the feet
Stay here for five breaths then hand out in a forward bend for rest
Options for modifications are
1) Hopping against a wall
2) Doing a short down dog with your feet against a wall and walk your feet up the wall the level of the hips so you look like an upside down “L”.
You would press your chest towards the wall and focus on rapping the upper outer arms back to the wall