• From seated with legs straddled wide apart
• Plant your hands behinds your hips, scooting your hips slightly forward, sitting up nice and tall (if you need to stay here to keep a flat back do so)
• On an exhale lead with the heart and slowly walk hands forward
• Stop when your back begins to round
• Keep feet flexed by pointing toes straight up to sky
• Try and press back of knee into the mat by firming the thighs
Take five breaths and then come out
uttihita trikonasana- triangle pose
• From warrior 2 with the right foot forward and the left foot back
• Press your front leg straight in a gentle fashion
• Inhale, reach forward and elongate through your waist as you jet your hips back
• Exhale, right hand to your right shin, left arm to sky
• Let your toes lift, your feet flex
• Find the ball under your right big toe and press your weight there
• Play with anchoring the outer edge of your left foot into the ground
• Firm the thighs, recruit the quadriceps
• Hug your right hip into the midline
• Elongate the right waist forward so not to arch in your left ribs
• Work to get your arms inline with the shoulders
• Stay here for 5 breaths then switch sides