• From supine (laying on back)
• Bend both knees and place your feet near pelvis at hips distance width, toes facing forward
• Reach arms back and place your hands by your ears behind your shoulders
• Fingers should spread wide facing your middle fingers towards your feet
• On inhalation, press evenly into feet and hands using the strength of your biceps, hamstrings and glutes and place the crown of your head on the floor and pause
• Re-adjust so that your feet turn slightly inward and your fingers turn slightly outward (just a fraction)
• With a big inhale lift the crown of the head off the ground and work to get your arms straight, creating a full extension of the body
• Press your head back and your shins forward while squeezing your inner thighs towards each other
• Take a big inhale, lift a little bit more then exhale tuck your chin into your chest and come down and rest