• From warrior 2 with your right foot forward and your left foot back
• Take a big inhale and place your right hand down on the inside of the right foot, send your left arm up to the sky
• Press your right arm into the right leg and the right leg into the right arm so there is resistance there. This will tuck your right sit bone under and will turn your chest to the sky for the open twist
• Ground down through the outer edge of your left foot so you don’t compress or buckle in the inner arch of the left foot
• Squeeze your inner thighs towards each other as if you had a huge pilates ball between them
• Elongate through your right waist and ribcage
• Turn your left palm down and reach over head as you rotate your right outer arm towards the floor
• Look past your left tricep towards the sky
• Stay here for 5 breaths then switch sides