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l tell you what: I’ve been practicing yoga for twelve years and martial arts for another ten years on top of that, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to touch my heart center to the heavens or reach my roots down into the ashes of the Earth. Yeah, my feet are a little dirty sometimes. But roots?
What I have been able to figure out with the help of Bryan Kest and many other instructors over the years is that yoga has made me a little more familiar with my body. It has made me a little more accepting of my weaknesses, and a little more comfortable with my life.
At the very least, I just want to be able to pass some of that juicy goodness on to you. At most, I want to send you off after savasana with a yoga coma that hangs with you long after you leave the room and never quite goes away.
Whether or not you decide to come and see me, I wish you well in the development of your practice. There are so many great instructors out there that can help guide you as you explore yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Keep at it. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of the more you learn to just get out of your own way.

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