Krista Cahill

Yoga Teacher

Krista fell in love with the practice of yoga in 1999 when she took her first Ashtanga class with Tim Miller. Since that day she has devoted her time and energy into exploring the numerous dimensions, both as a teacher and student. “I look forward each day to the possibility that my practice both on and off the mat can promote a greater awareness in our immediate need for global peace and unification.

Krista teaches retreats around the world and regular classes at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA. She teaches a vigorous Vinyasa flow class filled with challenging armbalances and inversions; she believes that our obstacles are our greatest blessings.

Krista and her husband Brock live their yoga together in Venice Beach, CA.


Krista Cahill's Videos

  • 35HandstandScorpion

    Handstand Scorpion

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    After mastering your handstand, learn to take your practice deeper with Handstand into Scorpion.

  • 16IntermediateToAdvancedFlow

    Intermediate/advance flow

    Krista Cahill / 60 MIN

    Have your block and strap ready for this intermediate-advance level 2/3 yoga flow with Krista Cahill, this practice ranges from deep stretches to inversions.

  • 15OneLegPressedHandStand

    One leg pressed hand stand

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    The easiest way to learn pressed handstand if your looking to advance your practice.

  • 14ForearmBalance

    Forearm Balance

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    In this video Krista Cahill will give you detailed step by step walk through on practicing forearm balance, you will need a strap and block for beginners.

  • 13DragonFly

    Dragon fly

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    A nice step by step guide into the more advanced dragon fly pose with Krista Cahill.

  • 12FlyingPigeon

    Flying pigeon

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    A more advanced form of pigeon, you should have Crow mastered before trying Flying pigeon.

  • 10SideCrow

    Side Crow

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    Once you have mastered crow you will be ready for side crow with this quick tutorial.

  • 9CraneCrowPose

    Crane and Crow

    Krista Cahill / 10 MIN

    In this video with Krista Cahill- you will learn the proper form of Crane pose, with a smooth transition into Crow. Use Block and strap if needed.

  • 8PelvicFloorStabilization

    Pelvic floor stabilization

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

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