Sean Gray

Yoga Teacher

I came to my yoga practice in my mid twenties at the gym that I belonged to at the time. I was going to the gym 5 days a weeks, and wanted to add some stretching into my weekly routine. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The first class I went to was pretty much what I thought yoga was all about- slow movement, deep breathing, and lots of muscle and joint opening. The second class rocked my entire world. It was harder than anything I had done up to that point in my life. I’ve always been active, played sports my whole life, exercised often, and thought I was a strong person. But that second yoga class showed me just how strong I really wasn’t.

Shortly after that, I started branching out to other studios and realized how vast the yoga practice was, with each teacher bringing their own unique voice to their classes, and I wanted to try them all. After several years of a consistent yoga practice I decided to become a teacher, and took my first teacher training with Tamal Dodge. It was during that training that I became a full time student. I started teaching immediately after I completed the training, and before I knew it I was teaching 7 days a week at several different studios around town, a few private clients here and there, a corporate class, and volunteering my free time at Santa Monica high school to the students who have yoga as a P.E. elective. Not long after I started teaching I was introduced to the yoga system of Ashtanga with Sonya Cottle-Hanlon, and haven’t looked back since.

After just under a year of practicing with Sonya, she asked if I would be interested in assisting her, to which I over joyously replied “ABSOLUTELY”. Soon after that I was subbing for her in the Mysore Ashtanga room at the acclaimed studio YogaWorks, and what an honor that was. Then I started subbing for Maria Villella in her Mysore Ashtanga room, as well as for Jasmina Hdagha at her Mysore Ashtanga room. From there I decided to take another teacher training, this time with Jesse Schein and David Kim at YogaWorks, so I could then start teaching Vinyasa flow classes for YogaWorks. And the journey has only just begun…


Sean Gray's Videos

  • 31JumpingFloatingForwardAndBack

    Jumping/floating forward and back

    Sean Gray / 05 MIN

    Tutorial on how to jump forward and backward during your flow and eventually getting the control to float.

  • 20WhatIsAshtangaYoga

    What is Ashtanga Yoga

    Sean Gray / 05 MIN

    Ashtanga yoga described through the mind of Sean Gray.

  • 19JumpThroughToJumpBack

    Jump through pick up and jump back

    Sean Gray / 05 MIN

    Learn how to do your jump through with control in this short tutorial.

  • 18OneLegCrow

    One Leg Crow

    Sean Gray / 05 MIN

    A quick guide to one leg crow, in this video you’ll get a simple step by step to mastering the pose.

  • 17LightUpyourCore

    Light up Your Core

    Sean Gray / 10 MIN

    Get ready for this intense core strengthening exercise with Sean Gray.

  • 11EkaPadaKoundinyasana

    Eka pada koundinyasana 1/2 transition

    Sean Gray / 05 MIN

    Sean Gray walks you through a more advanced one legged one arm balance transition from 2-1-chataranga.

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