Tulsi Laher

Yoga Teacher

Tulsi is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. She is best known for her ability to combine knowledge of bio-mechanics learned as a dancer with the healing properties of yoga. In addition to completing her teaching certification, she has conducted case studies on the benefits of yoga on scoliosis and currently works with students that suffer from scoliosis.

Tulsi’s journey with yoga began in 2002 after moving to Los Angeles. Upon the recommendation of her brother, she took several classes and eventually attended her first Iyengar class. It was love at first class. She began taking more classes while studying dance and earning a degree in History at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The attention to body alignment paralleled the movements she learned in classical dance and it made her feel calm and centered. Taking Iyengar classes became a regular pastime. Her commitment to yoga deepened when, after suffering from a sports injury, she turned to yoga for therapeutic exercises. Experiencing its healing benefits, Tulsi decided to devote herself to practicing and teaching yoga to others.

In 2011, Tulsi opened her own yoga studio, Yoga Daya, in West Los Angeles and currently mentors teachers aiming to become certified Iyengar instructors.


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