Videos: Restorative

Our bodies tend to be stressed and over taxed. Restorative yoga is a Iyengar style that incorporates props and passive or relaxing postures to release tension and calm the central nervous system. This style of yoga is approachable for any level practitioner.

  • Birchpose

    Birch Pose

    Lauren Eckstrom / 05 MIN

    Learn a restorative version of bridge pose in this simple 5 minute video.

  • AlternateNostrilBreathing

    Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    Learn how to properly do Nadi Shodhana or alternate nasal breathing in this short 5 minute video instructed by Tommy Rosen.

  • 21ChildsPose

    Child’s pose

    Sesa O'Connor / 05 MIN

    Learn key fundamental child’s pose in this quick tutorial.