Videos: Vinyasa

This is a very athletic and vigorous style of yoga that incorporates the linking of breath and movement, long holds, core work, and possibly arm balances and inversions depending on the level of class. Be prepared to sweat and be challenged.

  • yogisquat

    Yogi Squat

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yogi squat or malasana

  • yogaforenergy

    Yoga for Energy

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    Yoga for energy is short video that will give you that yogi boost!

  • trianglepose

    Triangle Pose

    Calvin Corzine / 05 MIN

    Learn how to do triangle pose with good alignment and technicality

  • stiffneck-shoulders

    Stiff Neck Shoulders

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for stiff neck and shoulders

  • standingforwardfold

    Standing Forward Fold

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Learn the basics of how to properly fold forward

  • shoulderstretching

    Shoulder Stretching

    Calvin Corzine / 05 MIN

    Yoga for tight shoulders

  • pyramidpose

    Pyramid Pose

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Pyramid pose is a fundamental posture in hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga and most styles of yoga. Learn this wonderful pose and explore your flexibility!

  • neckshouldertension

    Neck/Shoulder Tension

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for TMJ

  • movingcells

    Moving Cells

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    This short video is tailored to enlivening the central nervous system and awakening the cells in the body!

  • lowbackstiffness

    Low Back Stiffness

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for a stiff back is short sequence for loosening up the spine and getting your body mobile.

  • lowback

    Low back

    Tommy Rosen / 20 MIN

    Yoga for back pain with Tommy Rosen is a simple and wonderful routine for brining energy and movement into the lower back.

  • dolphinpose

    Dolphin Pose

    Ashley Albrand / 05 MIN

    Master the art of dolphin pose guided by Ashley Albrand

  • corework

    Core Work

    Calvin Corzine / 05 MIN

    Strengthen your core with Calvin Corzine in this 5 minute sequence.

  • AlternateNostrilBreathing

    Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    Learn how to properly do Nadi Shodhana or alternate nasal breathing in this short 5 minute video instructed by Tommy Rosen.

  • Vinyasa Flow Level 1

    Vinyasa Flow Level 1

    Tamal Dodge / 20 MIN

    New to yoga? This basic flow will challenging you while still being accessible and fun!

  • Yoga On The Go

    Yoga On The Go

    Tamal Dodge / 05 MIN

    Short on time and need a quick workout! This 5 minute flow will get your heart pumping and your body sweating in just 5 minutes!

  • Vinyasa Flow 2/3

    Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3

    Tamal Dodge / 30 MIN

    This is challenging 30min practice filled with wild transitions and fun arm balances!

  • 47TripodHandstand

    Tripod Headstand

    Joan Hyman / 05 MIN

    This video gives you a step by step guide into tripod headstand.

  • 36HollowBackForearmStandHandstand

    Hollow back Forearm stand/Handstand

    Dylan Werner / 05 MIN

    A more adavanced level 3/4 form of Forearm stand/Handstand involving hollow back.

  • 35HandstandScorpion

    Handstand Scorpion

    Krista Cahill / 05 MIN

    After mastering your handstand, learn to take your practice deeper with Handstand into Scorpion.