Videos: Yoga Basics

New to yoga? This is the key to getting a great start. Yoga Basic focuses on the fundamentals of yoga postures, breath work and alignment giving the student a strong foundation to further their practice.

  • yogisquat

    Yogi Squat

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yogi squat or malasana

  • trianglepose

    Triangle Pose

    Calvin Corzine / 05 MIN

    Learn how to do triangle pose with good alignment and technicality

  • stiffneck-shoulders

    Stiff Neck Shoulders

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for stiff neck and shoulders

  • standingforwardfold

    Standing Forward Fold

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Learn the basics of how to properly fold forward

  • shoulderstretching

    Shoulder Stretching

    Calvin Corzine / 05 MIN

    Yoga for tight shoulders

  • pyramidpose

    Pyramid Pose

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Pyramid pose is a fundamental posture in hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga and most styles of yoga. Learn this wonderful pose and explore your flexibility!

  • neckshouldertension

    Neck/Shoulder Tension

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for TMJ

  • movingcells

    Moving Cells

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    This short video is tailored to enlivening the central nervous system and awakening the cells in the body!

  • lowbackstiffness

    Low Back Stiffness

    Ali Owens / 05 MIN

    Yoga for a stiff back is short sequence for loosening up the spine and getting your body mobile.

  • lowback

    Low back

    Tommy Rosen / 20 MIN

    Yoga for back pain with Tommy Rosen is a simple and wonderful routine for brining energy and movement into the lower back.

  • AlternateNostrilBreathing

    Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    Learn how to properly do Nadi Shodhana or alternate nasal breathing in this short 5 minute video instructed by Tommy Rosen.

  • Vinyasa Flow Level 1

    Vinyasa Flow Level 1

    Tamal Dodge / 20 MIN

    New to yoga? This basic flow will challenging you while still being accessible and fun!

  • 46DragonFlyYinBased

    Dragon Fly Yin

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    This is a 2 minute video on Yin based pose of dragon fly.

  • 45TwistedRoot

    Twisted Roots

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    In this video you will exercise a light spinal twist called twisted roots.

  • 44HalfButterfly

    Half Butterfly

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    A short Yin yoga pose of Half Butterfly to help get a deep lower stretch.

  • 43SaddlePose

    Saddle Pose

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    A simple lesson in saddle pose used in Yin yoga.

  • 42SnailPose

    Snail Pose

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    This Yin yoga style Snail pose will help release spine tension.

  • 41ShoelaceSquareYinYoga

    Shoelace/Square Yin yoga

    Cherise Richards / 05 MIN

    A quick walk through of shoelace or square pose in Yin yoga.

  • 40OfficeYoga

    Office Yoga

    Tommy Rosen / 05 MIN

    A light set of office yoga you can do while at work to get some energy flowing.

  • 39BreathOfFire

    Breath of Fire

    Tommy Rosen / 10 MIN

    Learn how to oxygenate your blood and change your consciousness with this breath of fire.